Moonless sky,

And an aching heart,

A still lake whispers something.

You have gone,

It's impossible,

For me to forget you now.

A whirlpool,

My days have become,

Night's solace is beyond me.

Where to find -

If someone like you,

Does exist in this time's span.

Wretched wind,

How it raves and rants!

While I long to be with you.

Break the bonds,

That add agony,

To a heart that beats for you.


Is whatever is,

No today or tomorrow.

When dawn's blue,

Smiles its welcome cheer,

The sun will try to find me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on April 25, 2008, in Karachi.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

across the wind
his words came
and she flew to him
without care of
any possible injury to
beseeching and selfless
she sought the seeker
this rhapsody you penned
for a moment
made me feel Rochester
had breathed a sorrowful sigh
of doomed life again
I loved this wrenching
poem so full of solemn resignation
that much ...........muahhhhh
you know who........ so why type it? laughs.