The future stares,

Like a sparrow,

Frightened of,

Dark tomorrow.

Puddled pools,

Unlike whirlpools,

Hide marshes,

In time's spools.

Weather is bleak,

And veins leak,

Thunder growls,

A way some seek.

A man I see,

Looks deranged,

His tattered state,

A silent plea.

Tea-stall crowd,

Cinema talk,

This is culture,

In the town I walk.

Vulgar song,

Semi-clad youth,

Wild wild dance,

Berserk bong.

Chat goes on,

On cellphones,

Teenage fad,

Dusk to dawn.

Political crap,

Rents the air,

Falsehood, lies,

Prepare snare.

It won't rain,

I know it won't,

Dust-filled smog,

Will sweep the plain.

Some clean water,

Is all I want,

Where is it,

In this haunt?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on February 27, 2008.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

I loved this poem its written so well, so well thought out so well paced too but its written from your 'oh if only' side that sighs deeply in you. I wrote a poem from an opposite opinion. I want you to read it and let your heart be glad.
Such a beautiful word spire you are I'd not be surprised if legions upon legions of women wanted to be your muse and whisk you away from all your sad musings ah but now I dare say you must tell them they are just too late and that there is a certain woman who will blacken their eye if they even try to give you one doe like feminine look.
Sighs deeply, you have no idea how envious I am of such a woman. you know who...........your favorite chatty fan so why type it? lol