I am stranded,

Among Lilliputians:

They want to bind and pull,

And drag me down,

So that they may appear big,

In their own small sight.

It is a punishment for my brain,

To be among such dwarfs,

Who love to talk non-stop,

About the nonsense of the earth,

And who find merriment,

In backbiting and slander.

These Lilliputians,

How they amaze me,

When they seek that,

Which is beyound their grasp,

Who love to sit shamelessly,

Under borrowed plumes,

And who love to fart,

Through their restless mouths,

Like hippopotamuses.

How these Lilliputians,

Strut about here and there!

These small-sized men and women -

- All,

With IQs worse than donkeys,

They plot my downfall.

They converse in English,

Or so it seems,

Their thoughts disjointed

Twisted and frayed,

These tiny denizens,

Want me to be waylaid.

These folks and I

Are quite far apart,

In thoughts, plans and goals,

I feel like Gulliver,

Who has been doomed,

To stay here,

And like him even I,

Must silence my heart.

Will Swift come,

To take me away,

To the place that I belong?

Where real people exist:

Folks who appreciate,

Virtue and truth,

The joy of simple living,

And sublime, lofty thinking,

Who don't find it difficult,

To comprehend and feel,

The language of the heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on February 16, 2008, in Karachi, Pakistan.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Oh Naveed I LOVED This one so so much! more than you could imagine in fact. Reminds me of me in my 20's I use to swear God had me born on the wrong planet. I was suppose to be born on the deep thinking people's planet not these shallow thinking ones that I can not relate to unless I dumb myself down and talk their foolish stupid talk so to fit in. If I had read more of your poems that first night I would have ooohed and ahhhed and marveled over how similar you speak your own disbelief and I SIMPLY ADORED how you used Gulliver's Travels to explain all this. was brilliant. I am so taken by this poem. Now just do one from Quasi Modo's point of view (The hunchback of Notre Dame lol) and I will not only be overly impressed but also enchanted beyond measure winks............as I always adored the Hunchback , The Beast as well as the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera and oh don't forget he who looks like a Vulcan but speaks like a Sphynx himself Mon enigmatic beloved Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester himself.
anyway never stop writing as some of us would weep bitterly in this world if you did. though just whom shall remain nameless grins again you know who..........so why type it! lol