Where have you gone?

Nothing is like,

The way it used to be,

When you were there -

- Everything forlorn.

Tell me,

O please tell me,

From somewhere - anywhere,

At least give a clue:

Where are you.

Like a bolt from the blue,

When nobody knew,

You left, quietly,

And I wish I knew,

Where to find you.

It was hard to believe,

When I was told,

That you had departed:

All I could say was,

It can't be true.

And till the time I saw,

Your being wrapped in sheets,

All that I wanted was,

For you to get up...because

...You knew how I love you.

You left without a word:

No farewell, no goodbye,

Leaving me to bear all,

Till death - quite absurd -

How could you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on December the 7th in was a cold morning with gusty winds shaking life....

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