I cannot forget you:

No matter how I try,

To myself cannot lie,

Or ever be untrue.

I cannot forget you:

When I open my eyes,

You appear and smile,

And when I close them,

You are there all the while;

When I watch the day dawn,

I find you with me,

Even when it's gone,

You happen to be...

When I sit down to write,

Your presence hovers,

When I try to relax,

Your face - it shines bright...

When I turn on the TV,

Or play a CD,

You haunt me as ever,

With your memory...

When I go for a walk,

I can hear you talk,

Right by my side,

Be it road or park...

You don't leave me alone,

When I want to weep,

When I try to forget,

You stretch out and leap...

I try to run away,

From all that is past,

But your tug is strong,

It holds me so fast...

How can I forget you?

How can I flee?

Even though you have gone,

You haven't really left me...

Every breath that I take,

Goes in and comes out,

Remembering you as if,

You 're around and about...

So it is, these days,

I am engulfed by you,

It was you who left me,

And separated all ways...

Do tell me, can you?

What is this pain,

That makes me feel,

I am lost, without you...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on January the 4th, 2008...the poem reveals all that I am going through these days...since father passed away...

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palewingedpoetess's picture

You made me cry! A loving son's tribute to his beloved father's passing. I am envious of you and how you have your memories to console you when I have no memories at all of my own most beloved father. When you feel this way recalling your own father go hug your children a little closer and tell them you love them. As you are their father and though you can not hug your own father anymore you can do the next best thing let your own children have the beauty of being hugged by their father cause that blessed love bond is the exact same. Let yourself feel it in the present this time with you being in the role of the father and not the grieving son. I loved this poem too much but I could kick you in the shin for making me cry so hard but it was a good kind of cry so I won't complain so much. you know who!.........so why type it? laughs (through my streaming tears)