This worldly abode

Is temporary

Like a railway junction.

We have our

different compartments

To cover the journey.

Why fret and worry

Why get depressed

When the final station

Is the same for all?

When the last breath leaves

Our mortal forms

All we are left with

Are spiritual norms.

So let's all be wise

And take this sojourn here

Heartily and cheerfully

So that those who are waiting

For us at life's last junction

Greet us with a good welcome.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

ah you make me smile so big when you write like this. Alas, someone who won't get lost in my words when I start talking. How so easily I Could believe I had written these words. I've NEVER and I do mean never read a poem that made me feel like I could have written that for all its thought and purpose behind its words. You Sir Poet are a uniquely quixotic creature draped in the flesh of a man. I am proud to count the stripes in your coat. ( these poems being the stripes!) you know who! why type it?