I am lonesome,

Want to release all my tears,

In the arms of a loving woman,

Who will know all that I am going through,

And who will be wholesome,

In responding, like a loving woman.

I want to sleep and sleep,

Till I have erased everything,

I have suffered all these two decades,

And even more.

Let the thunder roar,

And the lightning threaten,

I don’t care.

I want to sleep and wake up,

Without anything hurting me,

Or causing me to pine for love,

Or feel lonesome.

I don't want to feel the grief,

That tormented Norma Jean*,

Or Diana Spencer*,

Nor think about the thief*,

Who destroyed Madhujee*,

For his career.

I don't want to think of pain,

Nor relate with the aches,

Of the lovers who, like me,

Who sought nothing but love...

Keats*, Meer*, Emily* and Shakir*,

I want to sleep peacefully,

In the arms of a woman,

Who would know how to make me forget,

That I am lonesome.

Somebody whose love can make me,

Forget Daphne,

And the torment that still grips,

This ravaged heart and mind of mine.

As it rains outside the four walls,

Which enclose me for eight hours,

I wish that even my parched being,

Is given a new meaning,

As I recline and sleep off,

In the arms of a loving woman...

She's out there somewhere,

And just like me even she,

Is very lonesome.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced on 19.12.2008, in Karachi, Pakistan...feeling terribly lonely and seized with a feeling to shed tears for the lovers who died longing for nothing but true love.
1) NORMA JEAN: The real name of famous Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe who dresses were auctioned two days ago.
2) DIANA SPENCER: Princess Diana, the wife of Prince Charles, who died in a horrible road accident in France in 1997.
3) THIEF: The man who destroyed the life of MADHUJEE* tbe well known Madhubala of Mughal-e-Azam fame.
4) KEATS: English poet John Keats, a romantic, like me and with whom I relate much.
5) MEER: The Indian Urdu poet Meer Taqi Meer...famous for his ghazals.
6) EMILY: Emily Bronte, the English poetess.
7) SHAKIR: Famous Urdu Pakistani poetess Parveen Shakir.
To understand this poem properly refer to my award winning poem A LONGING...written and posted here in June 2007.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

You absolutely took my breath away with this. Reminds me in a certain way of some of the poems I wrote and shared with you about How I felt I was missing someone I've yet to meet! Remember those? To me, this is your own version of that. If never before ever lived a man more deserving of love then I would believe that you could fill that role better than anyone I know or have even vaguely heard of. Beautiful soul work on this Sir Poet truly beautiful soul work. That has to be what this is. Poetic kudos to you!
you know who!......... so why type it?