I read your kind and thoughtful words,

Lovely to read... that you are,

Having a great time talking to a young man,

While accusing me of avoiding you...

Let me jump off the ledge today,

And forgive whatever aches and pains,

That I may have caused you,

Since the first day of your "Introspection".

Fool I was to believe,

That you wouldn't be carried away too,

Just like the others in today's dominion,

Of fancies, made-up joys, lies, illusion.

Yes my beloved lady bright,

It is a dim moonlit night,

And only a few stars lighten it up a bit more,

As if wanting me to stay...

But your words, which you shoot, like barbs,

Without thinking what a deadly effect they may have,

On an already wounded and love-starved heart,

Have finally won the sway.

I clung on to you in the hope,

That you are as deep as your poetry shows,

As vast in emotions and visions as the sky,

But, today, as your joy beams in those words:

"I am talking to a young boy",

Have put in disarray,

All that I thought my love would get,

Just by truly loving you.

And yet, my palm lines mock me,

Love for me is but regret,

The pain of which I can't endure more,

No, my lady bright, no more.

I am on the top of the sea ledge,

And care not for the plunge,

That may lead me anywhere,

Either to Heaven or to Hell,

But remember my sweetest one,

I thank you for all that you did,

During the times since your "Introspection".

My destination is just a jump away,

Not taking off but falling down deep,

Much deeper than you can imagine of,

I shall, with my hands and feet tied,

Jump off silently,

Into the other world,

Who knows my dearest one,

True love waits for me there today....

And before the final farewell,

The plunge deep down,

I urge you to seek me no more,

For, now, I am really going away.....

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Tamzin Seegobin's picture

Hmmmm.......lots of drama here......I guess u didn't go thru with it. Have you tried acting on the stage? Shakespeare comes to mind.