The nights have become long again,

Amid sprawling fences and barren trees,

I pause in my walks more than often,

As Nature seeks to lose and gain.

It's been years since I 've been loved,

And yet, at times it doesn't seem so,

Because whenever I stop, I can hear,

Daphne* calling out my name.

In the laughs I share with Adnan*,

Or during a chat with colleagues,

I feel she's still beside me,

Trying to heal my hidden pain.

Or, when I am alone in my room,

With a heart which just can't forget her,

Her ethereal presence I keenly feel,

And the past its rhythmic chord does stir.

In the midst of song and dance-filled times,

Her resonance floats like a chime,

And whenever Ronnie* plays old tunes,

I long to drown myself in wine.

Only those who really know me,

Can fathom how much I miss her,

So, when the heart and mind can't sleep,

I am trying, in vain, to be merry.

Let the canopy above keep circling,

Let the whirlpool of time move wildly,

Whatever happens, my soul will cry,

I am Daphne and Daphne is me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Daphne: My schoolmate whom I cannot forget. Read my poems "Friendships"; "A flower called "Daphne"; "Daphne and "Defining Daphne".
*Adnan: Adnan Jaffar, my friend in Karachi.
*Ronnie: Another friend in Karachi who plays songs on the keyboard.
Composed on the 12th of October in Karachi, Pakistan.

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I am appalled 151 people before me read this poem and not a one critiqued its thicket like Thoreau! You are sir the best games keeper in the wooded forest of your former alone state as I have been reading your piling poetry and gathering joy from its cadence and gait. Imbecilic tottering fools, they should go back to reading their Junior high school poetry and jotting down Nice Job! While I shall stick with these lovely gems you let spill into mine poet's eyes, placed here years before mine eyes came here knowing not what they were indeed looking for. You sir, set the bar high. If I were a pole vaulter I'd be worried. Very Worried! I surely would! you know who!...........so why type it? laughs