When I am calm, without fear,

The sky trembles, the clouds thunder,

The wind's fury and velocity,

Threatens from afar, then it comes near,

It hides the crescent's cool luminosity,

And the eyes of a starry sight.

All moods and thoughts of solace,

Bring back to the mind that soft caress,

But the panicky frenzy of the changing weather,

Cuts the bridge of the dreams that gather;

Refreshed instead are the wounds forgotten,

Everything concealed is no more hidden;

The stabbed and scorched sores bleed even more,

While no healing balm soothes, like before,

This bout between anger and angst,

Between the forces of heavenly rancour,

Remind the heart of the past and the future,

The present is a dreary scene,

Not quite the same, very mean,

Forever the mind will remain a vagabond,

Life and love were not mine, not fond,

The fall's storm with its deafening sounds,

Leaps again at me like a pack of hounds.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed in the pre-dawn moments of August 24, 2004, in Rawalpindi.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Ah but those days of old have rolled up their sleeves and gone home to brood and now beautiful summer skies beckon you to a sunnier side of life. I enjoyed the visual of this immensely but as always the sadness in it arrests the tender heart and forces one to take a bit more refuge in the skill of the poet. you know who?......... so why type it! laughs.