Waltzing with Daphne,

On a moonlit night,

By the silvery beach,

With worlds beyond reach...

Arm in arm love shone,

As the moonlight smiled,

As the waves lent music,

Quietly on the shore.

Eyes spoke out volumes,

Of the passion we shared,

Just for one another,

As the heartbeats bared...

Everything we possessed,

In the form of love,

Rewriting destinies,

With minds too obsessesed...

It was all too grand,

So serenely beautiful,

Both of us waltzing,

On the softness of sand...

Holding each other,

Lovingly we moved,

Forgetting all else,

Our souls flew higher...

Higher and higher,

Did both of us soar,

Caring not for aught,

Till heaven came nigher...

It was just a dance,

Yet a waltz of love,

With lovers in embrace,

Nothing left to chance...

The sea too stood still,

While the stars spread out,

And the breeze sang songs,

Adding to the thrill...

Years have passed since,

That waltz of love happened,

My Daphne's beauty,

Enlivens me still...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced in Karachi, Pakistan, on the 20th of February 2009...remembering my unforgettable Daphne.
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palewingedpoetess's picture

What is love without dance? What is dance without love? There is truth in every sway and beauty in every step taken. When entwined the world falls silently away. Love enables us to feel as if we are floating on and off a dance floor wherever we choose it to be, which allows the lovers to say I see love whenever I look at thee. When you wrote this poem you opened a door for many a female reader to feel as if you were dancing with her. I dare say you charmed a few hearts to swoon a bit too in the bargain. As observant as I am, I am not ashamed to admit I teetered a wee tiny bit myself as I read this, thinking to myself that lucky girl, that very, very lucky girl!
so tell me sir poet do you never tire of making me cry and smile then cry some more and smile again?
You Sir are a heart thief in a noble man's coat! sighs........
but,........ if you change one iota I won't read your poems anymore. Do be warned! again you know who!......so why type it? laughs.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

very beautiful, romantic and heartfelt. You can invision the couple and the waltze itself. Excellent!