Love never dies

Knowing this truth

And being a true believer

In every word of it

I promise you

With all my earnestness

Of heart, mind and soul

That even if my bodily form

Does perish -- as it usually does --

Being mortal and crumbling...

My love for you will survive

And will come to you

Even from the unknown spheres

Of the highest of skies.

I did promise you this

And urged you to have faith

In my love vow and also

In the Loving God's will.

So always remember

Forever and ever

That I loved you

And love you

And will always love you

Like no man could have

Or would ever love a woman.

No matter what happens

In the chaos and clutter

Of this stormy world.

My calm smiling face

Will always smile

And reassure

That I love you

More and more

As long as this world lasts.

Even from beyond the skies...

And this is my pledge which

No power can shatter

For God's divine will is included

In all that I told you

About how much I loved you.

From the moment we 'met'

Right to this instance

Where my love makes me bet

That it shall always be yours

And none but yours

Among all the beautiful women

This heart of mine has known.

You happen to be the blood hue

That gave my love-yearning being

The redness of the best rose

And the sweetness of its form.

So know this, O my beloved

That to love you is to live

A life of love eternal

Because it was you who saved me

And resuscitated

The almost dead man

You love to call Naveed.

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heatherburns35's picture

this is one of the most beautiful
love poems, I have ever read....
you truely are a great talent...

palewingedpoetess's picture

Gawd!!!!!! I love this poem! What a dang lucky woman. You tell her if she doesn't treat you right I'll shove her out of the way so fast her head will surely spin and she will never get you back. She won't be able to wedge me out of the way then to get to you. So, she better appreciate you or she may find she has been usurped! Didn't I warn you Sir Poet I can be quite a charismatic pest when I want to be!
you know who!......... so why type it?