It has been a long time

Since I saw a clear blue sky

A shiny sandy beach

Or a naturally beautiful

Rustic country girl.

It has been a long time

Since I had a good home-made meal

Or gazed at the endless expanse

Of a starlit stream of galaxies

Or a peace-inducing golden sunset.

It has been a long time

Since I heard the murmur

Of a twisting and turning brook

Or the cackle of different birds

Watched an eagle's smooth flight

Or a really soothing human voice.

It has been a long time

Since I lazed away the hours

In the wilderness beside a lake

Without a care for what might happen

In the unseen distant future.

It has been a long time indeed

Since I spent my hours dreaming of you

Or given thought to how well I looked

Or laughed and cajoled away the eve...

Yes, it has been a long time

My dearest Daphne

What a long long time it has been!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Posted on January the 5th, 2010 in memory of Daphne.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Reminiscent thoughts many times only manage to overly trap us in the past. Thwarting the energy needed to exist in our present state of being but from time to time it is nice to reflect on things we miss just not get too overly indulgent in such ventures crowding out the energy levels of the spirit to work its way through the now. We can only alter today. The past is gone and done for. The future is a figment of our ego's imagination of how we would like things to be rather than accept them as they are in the current state but I enjoyed the message of this poem. It had a tinge of sadness but was not overly so. I dare say you have reasons to move away from that former state of affairs. you know who! why type it?