Everything looks green

And bright to the eyes

But not to the heart

No, not this disguise.

How can I be selfish

And enjoy Spring

Without the one

Whom I love so much?

Added to this

Are the sufferings

Of the downtrodden

The poor, the helpless

The weak and the meek.

The hundreds of children

Swarming around

At every nook and corner

Of roads and streets

Begging for morsels

To quell their pangs of hunger.

How can I

Ignore the wails

Of the orphans and widows

And the groans of the aged?

How can I?

I am often baffled

At the irony of fate

Whenever I see a few

Enjoying days and nights

And thriving like leeches

And vampire bats

By sucking the blood

Of the less fortunate.

They come in their cars

Jeeps and Land Cruisers

To while away the evenings

And pass away the hours

At coffee shops, restaurants

And late-night snack bars.

I find myself amazed

When they turn a deaf ear

And willingly ignore

The cries of the needy

Hovering around them

With a plea for help

Shivering in their gaze.

Is this God's Divine Will?

I am sure it is not

As I know about even those

Countable men and women

Who reach out and help

The destitute around them.

Who feed and clothe

And provide shelter

Along with consolation

To the miserable ones

Thronging streets and roads

Day in and day out.

If they can be kind

If they can be caring

Then why can't the demigods

Of wealth, affluence

And pomposity

Also do their bit

In alleviating misery?

The silent solitude

Accompanying me

Seeks an answer

As to how and when

Will this irony be resolved.

My grieving heart

Cannot see greenery

Nor can it force itself

To savour and relish

The joys of Spring

For a long, long time.

For, there is despair

Poverty and craving

Within me and outside

Everywhere, around.

Tell Saba* to take

These awful sights

To Christ and Muhammad*

And from them to God

With an appeal from me

To intervene and

Make Spring green

For me and the needy.

Otherwise very soon

Heavens will rent open

And angels will weep

On all our wounds.

Tell the messengers

And the messiah

To implore Him

Who made us all

To look upon those

Who look up at Him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Saba: The gentle breeze of Spring (Arabic/Persian/Urdu).
*Christ and Muhammad: Prophets and messengers of God Almighty (Peace be upon them).

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palewingedpoetess's picture

the plentiful emerge
from their havens
of plenty
to take their seat
amid the homeless
and poor
even just enough to eat
it is God's way
as unfair to man
as it seems
to better teach
one and all
by way of any means
for where there is need
he sends those in throngs
to such places to convene
where like you they see too
he is planting his seeds
you are one of his flowers grown
to notice this depravity
and yet what to your limited eyes
appears as disregard
to HE who sees all
much else may be clear
perhaps that man in that land rover
is a modest man and chooses
to offer his alms with no chiming
of any bells to announce his good deeds
or those well dressed youths out having
their conversation, laughter and evening tea
slave all week working hard at their less
stellar jobs just so that one evening each week
they can gather in their best clothes have some
joy filled harmless fun and refreshing drinks
we can only judge what we see with our
tiny limited sights
yet for all you really know many amazing
selfless acts could be occurring at once
to the tune of all of God's delight
though you yourself will not know it before
the fall of the evening's moon
God will know
and the souls in his view of needing the most
will be given not always what they deserve
but what God believes for them in that moment
is right
so worry yourself not
and attend to troubles and tragedies
that you have the power in you to correct
and rewrite
for you are not the saver of the world
Leave those fields for the most part to God
and allow him to work his great good love
through out every last fiber of each
individual life
for the world truly is his oyster
as no man could ever judge let alone see
with the perfection of God's judgment and sight........
(March 18, 2010 109am)
You know who? why type it? laughs.......

heatherburns35's picture

This is a beautiful poem...Makes one
stop and think..I have always been
thankful for what Christ has allowed
me to have...Not everything, but that
is all right...Nice write..