It rains and rains,

Why is the sky so tearful today?

The people move and wade through,

The roads, avoiding open drains,

I cringe with pain...

Somebody I thought "got" me,

Replied quite negatively,

Surprised and tore me apart,

Inside and out and I ran,

Ran and ran,

Drenching myself in the rain,

In an effort to forget my pain,

the heartache that was so wrenching,

And so skilfully caused,

By her words,

That I was once more sundered,

And then I knew,

Why all over nothing more strikes,

One's soul with an archer's aim,

Renting the heart, mind and soul,

And making the body grow dull,

Listless and lifeless,

For her, her words were just words,

For me it was my tears and rain....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on August the 7th 2009, in Karachi, Pakistan....after reading an email...that rent me like Casca's stab rent Caesar...but here the effects were more aching and caused much more pain...in the rain...

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palewingedpoetess's picture

You know, don't you that if I could I would go back in time and beat this foolish stupid woman that you write of up for you? THAT woman didn't deserve you. She was sightless until the sun chose to rise for her one glorious morning and since then I bet all the days in her heart were ever sunny and you, I am sure found better love and that foolish woman of yore is but dust blowing back into the past where such blindness in a woman belongs...........just wanted to share that confidence with you. you know who!.......so why type it?