Another winter gone,

And spring blooms,

And I am with memories.

Flowers in gardens,

Lovers glad,

My park no longer exists.

I am repeating,

My feelings,

Fear they may become cliches.

Hussain* is amazed,

Says I am,

A mass of contradictions.

I look at Daphne*,

Her pictures:

They still smile innocently.

Evening and nights,

Laugh at me,

Make fun of my loneliness.

Nothing important,

From Pluto*,

Have I come say soothsayers.

No one has gone there,

Only Mars*,

Is somewhat within reach now.

How come I travelled,

All the way,

And landed on this strange Earth?

I am different,

I know this,

The past revealed it to me.

But I try to blend,

With people,

Yet most of my efforts fail.

When Daphne was there,

I managed,

Her love always gave me strength.

Even now she does try,

Smiles at me,

From another world still unfound.

I am all alone,

Deep inside,

Though God says He's everywhere!

I long to be loved,

But silence,

Mocks me as the clock ticks by!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Produced on the 12th of March 2009, in Karachi, Pakistan.
*DAPHNE: MY CHILDHOOD SWEETHEART (Read other poems in the portfolio)
*PLUTO: The ninth "planet" of the solar system According to astrologers people born during certain months belong to Pluto.
*MARS: The fifth planet in our solar system...the reference here is scientific evidence as well as astrological in meaning.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

from your thoughts here
I sensed the stillness speak
a near diatribe of distraction
babbling from a typing form
of tongue in cheek
and then a listless heart appeared
making everything so confusingly weak
my eyes were listening in
as your twisting words
you began to tweak
am eclectic comfort of sorts
for yourself perhaps
but a painful bloodletting of the very
to this fellow poet
your scars were a rash
as each line though skillfully streamed
at me shrieked
in crude unapologetic contrast
that fell into the eyes of dust
and mingled with a garish sort of retreat
the heart has to be a wrangler
roping in the strays
while fighting with time to preserve
the precious priced meat.............
I know this is barely 'Skimming The Surface'
but when I'm effected I don't retreat
you know who! why type it?