Seasons change,

Night-scent of flowers,

Rekindles my world of dreams.

Songs of love,

Echo in forgotten place,

A swish, a sash, dance.

How we waltzed!

Wishing it would never end,

What more did I want?

Living on,

To work, work and work,

Not the other way around.

When you went,

You wished me just happiness,

But how, without you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

APRIL 09, 2008.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

It was your path to find that happiness that was wished for you. It would not have been the journey your soul was meant to take had she told you the how to as well. I bet you never thought of that before. For better or worse we walk the paths we were intended to walk to lead us to the evolution of our souls that we were intended to go through. Nothing is a mistake. Neither death, tragedy nor loss of insight. Our beloved memories are but over coats we put on when our present days feel coldest to our hearts and yet, I dare suspect your heart is feeling pretty warm these days. Love is the best heater for all chilled hearts. Could you no more agree? you know who!...... so why type it? laughs