I've seen the sway of palms

in the sheen of a clear blue sky

and tropical sunsets

the cause for many to deeply sigh

My distant memories sail

from within, on a long lost sea

incomplete waves of thoughts

separating you from me

I 've climbed on desert mountains

then drifted along the shore

toes gripping sea washed sand

where many thoughts were moored

Bits of God's holy land slipping

into the tides of time

i'm grateful for the memories

that awash whispers of a rhyme

I am a foreigner perhaps from Jupiter

and landed strangely here on Earth

a place dilapidated and corrupted

by  mortal man from birth

Among the roads and byways

I travel through winding lands

to gather hillside flowers

and songs of streams and hands

I met a curious man from mars

who practiced the poetic arts

he wrote of love,  peace and kindness

and dreamed of winning hearts

We wrote a song or two of life

and travelled different lands

among the parallels of earth

by circumstances of our hands

If living here among lost souls

would entwine us - tied and bound

then in weakness and oppression

poetry freed us from this ground.


This poetess friend of mine

Shared deep thoughts in rhyme

At a time when the world slept

We came and spent some time.

She spoke about life and death

I talked with her about love

And in our own poetic ways

We laughed and made a vow.

A vow to be never false

To the voices of the heart

To never barter or sell

Our God-blessed poetry art.

We were both souls that knew

Suffering, pain and joys

So in each other we confided

A keen philosophical view.

We from our own far worlds

Looked at the Milky Way

The way that Venus shone

And went past night and day.

That was when we got sure

About a life beyond this earth

Where death had no control

Over laughter, joy and mirth.

Where love was the language

Known to one and all

Where God was not veiled

Nor were in bondage.

From this ground of ours

We two poets couldn't see

The million different earths

Made for her and me...

Collaboration with Deborah Russell (Kuku) Copyright 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deborah Russell (Kuku) responds to my poem 'Will I be answered' in the manner of a real poet. Even though I have responded to her with lines of my own here, readers will learn more if they read my rejoinder titled: "With the woman from Jupiter."

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palewingedpoetess's picture

quite enchanted was I
to find myself sampling upon
the likes of a strolling brew
of two poignant troubadours
reclining each
their fondest thoughts shared
so to better explore
every word's never once thought
to its warmest hue
t'was a rolling froth of eye intoxicating
one might even express
Beowulf himself would have been proud
to tilt a tote for his hero's need
as he offered up his own chivalrous address
and yet there are goblins in this lagoon of verse
I, myself have witnessed
ones which I would not wish to trample upon
but I felt at peace with the surface subject
of their counterparts
and I could not find fault
in the joy
they from themselves had wrung
through their words
and in the miracle of tracing
their very souls back through
their own humanity
all the while
blessedly locating
each other
t'was a beautiful twining
truly to be noted
an otherworldly escape
from self
blended from
two primal points of
exit and entry
gloriously patch worked
and quoted
up to a point
'The Mere Reader's Eye'
could not be better pleased...........
you know who! why type it?