THE MAN IN MY LIFE (Collaboration with my ex-wife Sabiha/Madeeha)

A collaboration with (Sabiha) Madeeha Naveed Ahmed.

Madeeha begins poem and Naveed responds:


The man, who came into my life:

Who became my life-partner,

By tying the wedlock.

He thinks by doing so,

He has conquered my thoughts,

And that my world,

Should revolve only around him.

I thought that in our life,

Trust and understanding were main ingredients,

I accepted his vows silently.

As life passed and as we grew wiser,

In our years together, the truth,

Remained a secret -- he admired pretty women,

Who were strangers -- openly,

All of which was made known to me.

I became more stern and gave open statements,

Like this: I too admired handsome men,

At which all the grumble began,

However, after all this, we learnt,

We won't betray one another.


O, woman in my life!

"Made from my rib", you say,

Possessing inimitable charm,

And a willful art of breaking the heart.

O woman in my life!

The years have come and gone,

Two sons and a daughter born,

Where has my peace of mind gone?

O woman in my life!

You say that you are my wife,

Have you found what this means?

Have your desires matched my dreams?

O woman in my life!

How much more have we to live,

Isn't love to give and receive,

Or is this something only I believe?

It is not outward beauty that turns,

The heart of the man in your life,

And melts it into loving you.

No, it is not so at all...

It is something deeper, much deeper,

On which this aging life mill churns.

All these years? How many days?

And how many loveless nights?

How many dusk-to-dawn fights?

Did I leave you for other ways?

All these years! I am still alone,

Misunderstood, ridiculed, like a stone,

Like a doormat, brushed aside,

And if you can have your ways,

All this manipulation of my self,

Will go on and on,

Till I am forever gone...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed in the pre-dawn hours of July 24, 2002.

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