hot winds blow,

no respite.

Water smiles,

from the sea,

have to earn.

Stuffy rooms,

daily grind,

of this life.

Tea, coffee,

soft-drinks, chips,

served and shared with hollow smiles.

Sunny front,

lights computers,

work, work, work...

Dim-lit halls,

power fails,

Who to blame?

Soon it is,

time to go,

where is home?

I sit still,

Heavy heartbeats thud inside,

where should I unwind, relax?

So many suns,

set for me,

why am I tired?

Dusk creeps in,

invites me,

to join friends.


Chains bind me,

to a place called house.


is my wish,

for a loving home.

Wife she says,

only mine,

words and deeds hurt me.

No comfort,

no coffee,

just questions...

"Why so late?

You are dodging me?"

Sons and daughter look afraid.

Dark evenings,

and rebukes,

await me...

This is called a house,

I longed for a home,

where hearts beat with warmth.

This is called a flat,


can I call it a home?

This is fate,


Let's pretend?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the pre-dawn hours of July 24, 2002.

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this poem
was so good
i give it
a high rating.