What has got this sea to hide?

Or to give?

When I can't be with the one,

For whom I live?

Take the waves and dry it up,

This sound and fury makes me laugh,

I hate this sorry scheme of things,

At the tides I scoff...

I am a born rebel as my parents say

And there is no fear in my God-ruled heart.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

such sharp words ye says
and to a sea that loves you
she accepts your troubles
and weary presence
complains nary
all while showering her
God given peace
and tranquility
upon the eyes ears and
'Of A Teary On Looker'
so, I say be more tender
and respectful sir
to the blessed beautiful sea
otherwise her churning tides
and frothy crests
may turn to one night haunt you
hmmmmph........ tell me then
Mr. Bitter Words
just where would you be............
you know who!........... so why type it?