In secret tears, secret fears,

This painful life has slipped away,

As misunderstood after 40 years,

As lonely as on my natal day.

How can I tell you how I long to rest,

My head on your shoulders and be blessed,

Your arms are open, yet I know,

I have nowhere, nowhere to go.

Understand me the way I am,

O Soul! I know, only you can,

Feel and relate to my hidden pain,

Not once but again... and again!

Think of me when the stardust shines,

In your hair, and when raindrops rhyme,

The poetry of two forlorn souls,

The slow death of some dreams sublime.

Take a moment to remember me,

When you are having your morning tea,

In the patio with the birds and breeze,

You will hear my hushed song in the leaves.

Should I tell that which is known to you?

Aren't you one of the wisest few?

Your feelings respond to my quietness,

Tunes blending in the beauty of your hue .

O beloved of mine, hidden from view,

You share my angst like the cuckoo,

Don't you too with your quill's sway,

Tell me all this on a dark gray day?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on May 31, 2002.
Dedicated to Deborah Russell.

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'About Your Love Gift'

I hath to wonder
be it love?
that penned these lines
a shroud of mystery
cast back over time?
the ever searching heart
a vessel for his rhyme
or in a fit of melancholy
diddest his loneliness
take over after some wine
'tis a beautiful poem
shed from the chambers of a
bleeding heart
or was this merely a poet
admiring a fellow poetess's
pen poised art
as beautiful as this venue
you created is
it sounded painful to read
let alone the uncertainty
through you that it had to
self destruct so to live
heart break in any form
no matter how tragic
is a lesson we receive
though its the generosity
of the soul that allows the
heart the ability it needs
to move beyond the necessary
time it must have
so to properly grieve.........
you know who! why type it?
please note this poem of yours I found to be
a very tender romantic poem. Was truly lovely
and really did inspire this poem out of me!)