EMBER OF MEMORY-II (Collaboration with Deborah Russell)

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed & Deborah Russell

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed begins stanzas, Deborah Russell replies:

What you need, I know and know where it exists

But are you ready to swim beyond the boats and ships

Are you ready to stay submerged in cold water

Caring not what happens if only love matters?

I am starting to grow with feathers anew

And wings of the heart yet known by so few

These tears that I weep are not for my sins

But all the false hope and love I've been in.

I have lost true love after finding it

But to this day I long for that wee bit

Of the grand treasure that was only mine

And believe me I haven't seen sunshine.

The road's long with sharp turns and bends

Not even a stranger a hand he would lend.

Everybody offers me a shaking palm

But nobody I found with a soothing balm,

My messiah has left me and I am weary,

Pulling a cart overloaded and heavy.

Why search for strangers, aren't there so many?

In this world of deceivers, can't you see them lady,

Let me return to the place where she comes...

So many times I have been led to believe

That love is something that never deceives

But love's notion betrayed me, as I did myself

And the heart did not matter on this dusty shelf

I've seen blue eyes that shined in the night,

True, I  felt that this was love pure and right.

Before we say farewell, tell me, please tell me

How will you recognise the swallow of glee,

How will you know that you are set free?

These secrets of the heart that you share with me?


In wake of this I am left with a soul still quaking

And wait still for the love light unforsaking


Give me a clue to rewrite destiny

But a fearfilled dove cannot fly high,

To overcome dragons...

One must be mighty -

The strength that is needed i've never known

This love that I've sought was a meatless bone

So how will i know when true love arrives?

Or perhaps just another long lost love alibi?


The heart that is pure sifts truth from lies

And true love does not need alibis,

Like the song sung by the nightingale for the rose,

It is a truth in itself which a loving heart knows.


My vision is yet on the distant horizon

And think it the sword and the light of Orion -


Why confine your vision to the Hunter or the hunted,

Why not broaden your scope like a rapier unblunted,

Like fresh sprouting spring gushing from hard rocks,

Providing you with happiness which you now seek in clocks.


Love's a fate and left to the grand sea of stars

And moon's the deterent from Jupiter and Mars.

It's love's infinity for which i still seek

To me, universal beauty the cosmos do speak


The heart is the best creation of all

It glows when love's light on it falls

It is God's home, trust Him as your Guide

And true love will one day be by your side.

In my heart are many universes found,

I reveal them one by one in pen and in rhyme,

It is true love that makes me go on,

Otherwise I too am dead, I am gone.

If God is the ruler of my lowly kingdom of heart

Why do comets burn out, the stars break a part?  

Where is this planet from which I evolved?

Where is that sun and the moon that revolves?


What you see must never make you believe,

Sometimes falsehood with its guile does deceive,

God made everything and filled all hearts with love,

It is by going astray that we have been thrown from above.

Everything exists in your heart and in you...

You are the evolver and you are the evolved,

The best of creations, look deep inside,

In you does He live, in you He resides.


The tides that have moved me were but lunacy

The waves that washed me, a treacherous sea

Shall I stand gazing a the vast darkness above

Or seek within me this universe of love?

When you reach out to help a soul that is down,

It is love that makes you look beyond your own,

It is love that makes you smile tenderly

Even though you know most are false and greedy.

You have the sight to discern all within and without,

When you yourself are kind and caring, why doubt?

Can't there be somebody made the way that you are,

Try to find who that soul is, whether nearby or far.

And a word more from one who is talking,

It is those who seek that sometimes fall,

It is only the true souls who undergo the pain,

To find the truth of an eternal flame.

The lame and the strong cannot compare,

Only those who fall and rise can ever dare...


If all that I seek ever within me presides

I shall have strength to calm seas and the tide

To hit back with courage at those who defy,

And with true love, vanquish every lie.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Online collaboration with Deborah Russell, with visions and thoughts encompassing not just this world but the entire universe. A rare experience.

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