Green Finger

The year my grandpa gave up gardening with tired hands and a heavy heart

I found my green finger

It started small

Just a hint of colouring on the last finger of my left hand.


But it grew,


As those flowers thrived

My love for gardening blossomed

And I learned the art of caring for something

Other than myself.


It took time, effort.

But to watch those flowers grow and then,

Yield to the bitterness of winter,

To sprout the following spring

Was a gift.


What I was gifted, by my grandpas blood,

Was learning to create, to mend, to discover and to care.

Gardening isn’t about growing the biggest and best.

It has always been more.

It has been about each individual flower blooming,

Bright and beautiful

It has been about the fight you undergo to keep each tiny seed alive.

It has been about knowledge and discovery.


There are adventures to be found in gardening.

My grandpa knew this.

The year he gave up gardening and yielded to old age

And a lack of space

I found he had taught me the most important of lessons

Given me the most wonderful of gifts.

The gift of the green finger,

Of caring,

Of giving Life.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This ones for my Grandpa Hugh, who taught me how to love something other than myself, and to love nature, always nature. 

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allets's picture

Hello Green Finger

Enjoyed this one. I like to watch my seedlings sprout too. Nice tribute to Gardner Hugh. Enjoyed ~allets~

Lady A