Sitting here thinking of her

Oh how she makes me smile

The butterflies in my stomach still fly

This feeling is amazing


Her beauty is the empire in my world

Her eyes can sail the ocean sea

Her lips are sweet to kiss

Her body is an oasis


Here I sit reminded of her passion

Reminded of her love

Reminded of the first time we met


A rainy cold night looking outside

She was freezing so I gave her a ride

Her hair was down and wet

Her chest was putting a daze on me

I couldn't stop looking


She unbuttoned her shirt and revealed more cleavage

I was driving but I still took a look

Here is this beautiful girl 

That I just met

Cold and wet


I continued to talk to her and she kissed me

My knees got very weak

My heart skipped a beat

I was smiling


We arrived at her house 

She asked me to come in

So I did

She told me to take off my wet clothes and she would dry them

So I took off my shirt and my pants

And she touched me 

I starred into her eyes in that daze


She told me not to go home but stay

So I told her well okay


In the morning I made her breakfast

And helped clean her house

She was the most beautiful girl in the world

I just wanted to scream on the world and shout

I think I'm in love she says

And I do the same


We layer in eachothers arms all night and day


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Imagination running wild

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hopelessly-candid's picture

aww this was very romantic

aww this was very romantic and sexy but also very sweet... I commend you for capturing multiple essences... this is something I could re-read over and over again... terrific job :)