First Time (erotic entry)

She lies down on the bed,

he gets on top of her

they begin to kiss eachother passionatley

she slides her hand up his shirt

and begins kissing his neck

he takes off her bra and begins to

gentley massages her breast with his toungue

she moans in the deepest pleasure,

scratching her nails down his back,

he begins to slide off her pants

and kisses her thieghs gentley

she gets down on her knees 

and pulls out his rock hard cock
she begins to run her hands up and down

he moans and falls deep into pure ectasy

she delivers a deep tornado around his cock

he moans louder

she pulls off her panties and climbs on top

of his huge rock hard mountain

her wings spread open she begins to sore into pure ectasy
and turns into a butterfly 

together they travel the world of love

she is breathing heavy

he is ready to shoot like a volcano errupting

finally she reaches her highest point

they have finished and lay next to eachother


She kisses him on the lips and he kisses her
they fall asleep forever in Love




Author's Notes/Comments: 

First Time enjoy..

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palewingedpoetess's picture

only one tiny complaint here.......stop groaning it's not so bad

penis should be cock......... penis is too medical sounding. doctors ask about your penis women who love a man touch his cock. Just a suggestion, if you don't believe me take a survey from your female friends. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

elliot_jordan2003's picture

i didn't want it to be too

i didn't want it to be too trashy/ but I added it and it looks better

palewingedpoetess's picture

good job!

I know now you are going to joke back yeah that's what she said......... ha ha. poem looks much better now. Not trashy at all.......... M.