If I draw it

A beautiful girl sits in her room drawing on an eisele trying to create a wonderful imagination In her mind.

with each shade of gray and one stroke at a time

she creates such a wonderful masterpiece. 

this girl has the talent to reinvent herself from the hurt and lies she was told.

so as she sits and sings to herself she knows the answer is out there

but yet she continues to draw.

She says to herself " if I draw it" would it come true.

So she started by making a circle and then drawing a body, arms, legs,eyes ,ears nose and lips, She sits and stares at the paper.

Ah the perfect man and smiles.

I wonder if I draw it

She lays down and falls asleep,

suddenly she feels a warm touch holding on to her,

this man looks over and says if you draw it

I'll be there.

suddenly she wakes up it was just a dream but now she wonders if I draw it will it come true....   

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Dream poems are wondrous things, the possibilities. In spite of massive divorce rates, the mythos is fed to boys and girls, men and women, and old people - a hand will reach at waking. - slc