No more Broken Hearts

I just deleted all your pictures,

I left all those memories go,

No more sad tears no more lying awake,

No more holding on to a heart break,

So long goodbye don't write to me,

Because I won't let you speak,

So long goodbye don't write to me,

Because I'm not the one who's weak,

You can tell me everyday,

You can try in everyway,

 But I just keep moving on,

Just keep moving on,

Don't think you can push me away,

Don't think I won't let you say,

That I'm done with the games,

I'm done with the pain,

No more losing sleep in my mind,

no more leaving everything behind,

I don't need you to worry,

this is my ending story,

The moment of truth,

Was when I got rid of you,

I can never let go of the terrible things you did,

that's what I don't really give a shit

 I really don't give a shit

no no no don't give a shit

broken hearts are the sadder times,

leaving wondering for my kind

no more no more no more

of these broken dreams

sadder nights things 

In my mind they just aren't right

no oh say goodbye and please don't write me..


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Is That You?

I kept thinking song as I read poem. You no me, oldies mostly! - slc