Sacrifice for you

My Sacrifice for you

I pulled the car over to whisper I love you,

I stepped out of my comfort zone to tell you I will miss you,

In this moment I'm standing in the road looking at the flashing lights coming towards me,

A loud scream and sudden stop

I see black and I feel like I'm floating on a cloud,

I'm looking down at my body laying in the road

The lifeless body of who I once was,

I can see all the people crowding around and your sitting in the car sobbing 

The clock has stopped, everything is frozen

I'm told it's not my time and begin drifting into my body. There I lie on the road looking up at the paramedics who saved me.

I'm alive I'm breathing I'm not going away because it wasn't my time.

Imagination is an amazing thing

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What we know about death is probably all wrong. Near death, now that's fodder for imaginings. Good one! - slc