Gave you everything

I gave you love,

I gave you trust,

I gave you faith

I gave you a handsome son,

I gave my heart and soul,

I provided you with anything you needed,

I changed your life for the good,


I've done wrong, 

I've done right,

I have always stayed faithful,

I kept by your side,

I never let you fall,

I never gave up on you,

Even when times went wrong,


When you left I cried,

I kept holding on to our love,

When you finally came home.

I knew you loved me.

I have  been through hell and back,

I have never given up on us,

So why are you.?

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Fortified With Everything

provided, love, security; women start looking around for greener pastures and adventures. It happens to men later in life called a crisis, but it is simply an evolution. Stonger, women go into the world and learn that there is no seucrity and a lot of wolves looking for prey out there. Tough choice, leaving. Tougher choice, staying gone. - slc


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