Feeling useless

Why do I feel unloved and useless,

My feelings are hurt and I'm sad,

Being ignored alone in my mind,

No kisses because I suck,

No love making because of fights,

I'm just a label husband,

What the fuck is wrong with me,

My life has been hell,

I have always put myself together,

I have always been a positive person,

Taking care of everything and everyone,

I'm lost with feelings,

I desire more,

Am I wrong am I right,

What the fuck is wrong with me,

I'm pissed off because I care to much,



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Alvin Toffler Syndrome


Coping mechanism is stressed to breaking. I am going to go out and put bulbs in the ground. Love is promised come Spring and surprise and lots of colors that were forgotten over winter. Love goes out, it comes back eventually, when least suspected. A surprise, like tulips and daffodils. I know God loves me, the rest of his creations can take me or leave. Goodbye, call if you need me. You are not alone in these feelings. Poets know. So does everyone else in time. - Stella