Pendulum Door


I came to open the door for the blind
lead them into an empty room smelling like turpentine,  if they inhale the fumes
they will get high like willy Nelson listening to sublime dropping a dime in the juke box
but only time will tell when the legalization process will take place
making all the drug dealers famous
and the users nameless
I like to open doors for the sick
I make then wait 2 hours to run some prolonged test
they sit on the paper trying to not get upset
but the longer I wait the quicker I'll own a Corvette
I can't believe that things would turn up the way they do injecting them with vaccination when they will still get the flu

I like to open doors
I like to laugh and have fun
but the minute we all get comfortable
someone shows up with a gun
people go crazy and they start to run
but no one pulls the trigger
because it's just a dream
thats why we get so mad at dirt
we cant afford Mr clean
I like to open doors and let the knowledge
come out like a damaged toe grandma got a case of the gout and the neighbor has a filthy mouth.
but I like to open doors because I am a good friend a person I'm standing in the lunch line hurting for this cardboard pizza that smells like its burning while the gym teacher is preaching to climb the rope or fail
then my parents will get a letter certified in the mail mom will get all upset and dad will throw a fit I'll run into my room close the door because I am sick of it.
I open the door for others but I slam the door on myself I'm just a little boy trying to be nice. If u look very closely you see my image on the otherside.

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Portraying small moments of great import - loved it! - slc



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Thank you

Thank you