Simple Dream

Simple Dream

Written by Elliot Bush 

March 15 2017 11:50pm


Can I wake up on my own

Sacrifices turned to stone

Releasing all my inner thoughts

Called to silence I see spots


Please take this opportunity 

Sit right down until you feed

Gravity has no control

Falling down no where to go


Upon this arrival of your tragic lies

The speaker only preaches to untold minds

He rips the pages from expired books

No dates attached so don't you look


Can I wake up on my own

Insomnia bores me at my home

Organizing all my enemy's

What the hell is stalking me

I need to run but I get caught.

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allets's picture

It Might Be Me

But this is no simple dream. Walking around in a head is no easy feat. Thanks for the keyhole peek. :D