Life changes

When your down and feel like your left behind when you feel like you have no place to hide, key factor is to remember that you are important and sometimes you focus less on yourself and more on others. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you don't forget yourself and remember who you are. Tough situations will arise in life and you may feel lost confused lonely and scared. It's okay you may feel heart break from a relationship or death of a loved one or maybe you lost your job.. It's okay we are all human and have to face many situations in life. Our  emotions get too much and eventually you break down. Hey Rise up get yourself into full gear and start focusing on yourself, listen laugh and most importantly love. If you don't love yourself then you will never know what it's like to have success until you lose it. Stay strong Stay motivated and most importantly Stay positive.  Your loved and that will never change. After everything you dealt with remember Who you are. YOU.

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Stay Positive

and love yourself. I hear and obey. Gotta go love myself now, ttyl :D

Lady A