Long lost sister

Long lost sister,

Here I am, wondering everyday.
Knowing only your name and your face.
Wondering who you are, wondering what,
Qualitys we may share. Wondering if you even care?
Long lost sister,
As I sit here, it brings tears to my eyes,
Trying to believe that things will be ok.
Trying to look out into this world, wondering,
If you even want me, if you even care to know,
Who I really am? Yes I know I need to give it time,
But it's killing me, trying to see, if I matter.
I remember when I was small, I wanted a sister,
Someone to play dolls with,someone to talk to,
Someone to cry with, someone to follow around,
Someone to pick me up when I fell. But it wasn't in the cards,
Or so I thought. But now I find, that you where out there,
And I didn't even know. I feel like we lost out on a lot.
But in a way we didn't, what we went threw made us strong,
But now I'm ready to find you, to listen, to know you.
I want you long lost sister, I need you, someday I want to
Know you, and have you be in my life. 
Long lost sister.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the sister I just found out I had. Her name is jessika and she is a year older then me.

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thisisme789's picture

That's beautiful :)

This is a beautiful poem :)

I actually know how you feel, (or at least pretty close to it).

I have/(had) a sister from my birthmother, that for years I didn't know I had. My family (that adopted me) takes care of foster children and, strangely, we ended up taking care of my baby sister, whose name is also Jessica (just spelled differently). At the time, I had no clue that she was my baby sister. She died of cancer when she was 1 years old.


I also have a birth brother, that I don't know where he is, what his name is, or how old he is. I am dying to know, however.

The problem is, though, the lady who adopted him, doesn't want him to have any contact with anyone from his birth family, including me...


I enjoyed your poem, a very enjoyable read!