Beauty Within

Do you love me for the way I look

Or for my body size

Do I have to have a shapely waist

And boobs from here to the skies

Is physical appearance what attracts you

Are you that shallow,let me know now if that's you

I am not a Barbie model

I have stretch marks too

I birthed a baby most woman who have

Have this scar of this too

I don't have bones sticking out all over the place

I have muscle and some flab,I work out everyday

I am a woman of substance,and something to hug

But most of all it's the beauty that is within me you should love

For if you look in the mirror,you will see

That The Creator made us all in perfection

Including you and me

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Ralph Montonaro's picture

This indeed sounds like a ritual of some kind. Very metaphysical. Invoking the muse seems very necessary here. Good job