The 1960's

The ultimate of nothingness
was never meant to be,
as vast friendships
were formed regardless.

Education, work and play,
a novel act I followed until
my mistress called from a raging sea.

A leader was snuffed in a Texan town
and mankind walked an alien world.

The British invade the West with music
as we invade the East with war.

Love, peace and death
were scrawled upon the Frisco walls
and spoken harshly among Ohio students.
Others wove flowers into their hair.

Campbell's soup was born again upon canvas.

The burning of draft cards and flags
against the portrayers of anguish
was hellish in itself.

One Doctor rang a bell for rights,
lost all to gain all. One maniac led
a homicidal romp deciding
it was in the music to do so.

Bethel became home to a legion
of honorable sound.

Ho Chi Minh was continually lurking,
deep in shadow, biding his time.
Later, a great city and its people
fell to an unproductive war.

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