Dear Mr. Bilderberg

Dear Mr. Bilderberg,

Through the news media and other sources of information

I heard your plea and gave it much contemplation

I understand your wish to rid the earth of 90% of its population

So, I will make suggestions for your consideration

You have been wanting to do this for many, many a year

The poor, the weak, the middle class, are among your largest fear

You remain waiting, watching, that appears so very clear

So, here are some suggestions, to put your plan in gear

You could use the atom bomb and strike at any time

People then would turn to dust, that's all well and fine

A strain of ebola would do the trick, quick and so devine

Poison the water, poison the veggies, these also came to mind

You could saturate the air with anthrax, all would die within a week

Mad cow disease, turning minds to mush, just put it in their meat

Pump cyanide through air vents, so deadly, so fast, so unique

Nerve gas is another way to knock them off of their feet

Anyway, these are just a few ideas, to help put your mind at rest

You may use any of these factors and put them to the test

So, thank you for your time, I do not wish to become a pest

Dear Mr, Bilderberg, I wish you all the best...............

You lunatic

(c)Edwin Robinette

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Bilderberg Group wishes to eliminate everyone except the rich and powerful from the face of the earth. This is a "true" horror story in the making  kiddies!!!

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heatherburns35's picture

The average person does not even
know about Mr. Bilderberg.

vilmazab's picture

hahahahahah,beautifully written,funny and lots of rich and
colorful words, hope he got the message loud and clear. I like your style, they rhyme well.