Beautiful You Are

emotions on paper

beautiful you are,

but you're ravished by scars,

tears of pain run down your face,

because of past kats who have left in your mouth,

this bitter taste,

come taste me,

and see that i'm as sweet as honey,

i'll dry those tears,

lend me your ears,

and i'll sing you a song,

i might be a bit out of tune,

but the words i sing.....i sing to you,

i sing for you,

cause there is no true love,

except for the love i have in my heart,

the love that is in you,

beautiful you are,

and i see past those scars,

but why can't you see past them,

and see that i'm here waiting in front of you,

with arms wide open,

let me close them around you,

come taste and see that there is on bitter taste that i leave,

cause beautiful you are,

and you live in my heart......

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i bet she
loves this poem