A Hearts Prayer

emotions on paper

dear lord i come to you,

with a heavy heart,

asking that you please hear my cries,

and forgive my sins,

lord i know that i've been neglecting you,

lord please forgive me,

please show me the way,

this is a special prayer,

i pray today,

lord you have separated the paths,

of me and my love,

i don't know  why you did lord,

but ever since you did,

i can't help but cry,

i can't help but feel sorrow and pain,

feelings that you don't want me to go through,

feelings that i'm going through,

but not in vane,

lord i ask that you keep her as the apple of your eye,

letting no harm come her way,

keeping a happy smile on her beautiful face,

cover her with your grace,

lord i pray that you do not allow  her to be hurt,

in any sort of  way,

do not allow  tears of pain,

to run down her heavenly face,

be the rock of her salvation,

take her to that higher place,

this i pray,

lord let it be in your perfect will,

that our paths cross again,

lord you say to be patient,

yet my patience is wearing thin,

cause i can't be without her,

just as i can't be without you,

lord please show me  what to do,

cause i'm weak,

i'm down on my knees,

crying out to you,

lord hear my cries,

hear my pleas,

lord, father god.... bring her back to me,

this is a sincere prayer,

coming from the heart,

you know my motives,

you have from the start,

so once again lord,

i ask for strength,

and have mercy on my soul,

cause without her lord,

i feel as if i have no place to go.....amen.......

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I feel your pain. It's always comforting to go to God when we are hurt, but i think most of us forget to go to him even when times are good because he is the one that gives us those good times. Keep on writing, nice job!