Simply Put

Time it is irrelevant
And bodies are impediments
Are souls, they yearn to be free
They're simple beings, don't you see?
They need us not to hold them down
But to let them exist, safe and sound

So we all have our memories
And our unique personalities
They ar e our souls, in the essence
And while we're in our adolesence
They will change quite a bit
But never give up, never quit

I will change and so will you
But there is nothing we can do
We'll all suffer and go through pain
But we must learn to rise again
There will be much happiness
After all the crappiness

So uncage your soul, let it go free
You just be you and I'll be me
Cuz that's the way we all should live
We really shouldn't have to give
Ourselves away to society
And cause ourselves anxiety

Worrying causes wear and tear
How to act and what to wear
So express yourself, maybe wear bright pink
And do not care about what others think
Because they are not the boss of you
And cannot stop you from being true
To your soul and to your heart
Because being you is it's own art

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This is a fabulous outlook on

This is a fabulous outlook on life for someone your age.  It takes years for many people (especially girls) to realize this...if this is how you honestly feel, then you are wise beyond your years.  Always believe in yourself and stay true to you.

Well Written Bee!


Peace. Always.

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I feel that way on most days except for the ones where it's like "Ugh, why am I even getting out of bed..?" And thank you :)

This life is the "once upon a time" kind of fairy tale that will sold to the masses 2000 years after it ends

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It doesnt matter if your

It doesnt matter if your young or not

People a lot older than her still havent understood this

i'm not trying to hate or anything i'm just saying that just because someone's young, doesnt mean they have experienced deeper lessons than "older" people


But anyways

Nice Poem, i feel the same about all the points you made

and i too unerstood this at your "young"  age

A mirror is all that is ever wanted from a shadow