Consider This A Lesson Learned

Consider this a lesson learned
Of love and lust and how to discern
And listening to my screaming conscience
“Your easy lips have brought this upon us”
My path has been hijacked before
But not by an enemy — I guided the tour
Of a place in which I’ve dipped my toes
Then immersed myself right up to my nose
Until I sank to the bottom

And it was not the fulfillment I desired –
My lungs full of murky waters
(If only I could just puncture them dry)
In my desperate battle cry
I desired not to breathe
I wanted only to be free.

Now my heart resides in a cage like a bird
That sings of love, nowadays unheard of
Keeping safe while I try to be
every ambition that lies inside of me.

The battle now is to remember
Never to desire should I surrender
my character or my beliefs
For I know it only ends in grief
Consider this a lesson learned.

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