A Writers Love

A Writers Love

Through the warm sensual days

Through the erotic and tender nights

I grasp the body of you, releasing the fluid from you

MMM Damn your strokes feel so right!!!!

I love the way I use you

Never the thought to abuse you

As desiring and pleasure runs through my mind

For you bring out the freak in me, and the best of me

Nibbling the tip of your head, while your fluids flow like wine.

You’re making me feel this way, stroking you everyday

Releasing more and more of your liquid lead

Watching the passion explode from you,

My fingers explore the body of you, MMMM!! your moves are originally laid.

As I hold you and caress you, undressing you,

Holding you steady in hand

You approach my lips, MMMM with my teeth I grip

Gently nibbling, Damn! If you were my man

MMM- you feel so good, every inch of you in my hand

With all of this lead that releases from you

Reading my mind, releasing my desires, keeping me inspired, MMMMM!!

Your strokes, MMM I feel them

Yes, yes!! they are becoming faster

Your rhythm, yes your rhythm, I feel all the vibes

Deep in thought, you are the master

This is satisfaction, yes baby yes!  I have arrived

Ohhhh!!! Baby, thank you! For helping me to release the hidden emotions of my desires, yes!!! I am satisfied

MMM- Baby it’s ok, if you are not my man

You will always be my friend

For I am the Author

And you are my pen!

Written By:  Ebony Blessings

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The Gentle Man's picture

I love the way your mind works....smile This is very sensual......raised the temperature all around me.....thanks for sharing!

poetvg's picture

Hola it takes a lot
to be a great writer
because u are one nice
work on your poems you
put a lot of hard work.
on them keep it up.
ciao for now peace.