Who Was It That Shared Our Bed Last night?...

Who was it that shared our bed last night,

Your body was with me but your mind wasn’t right.

Damnnnnn! Who is she that shared our bed

You called out her name to many times

On the broken wings of an angel

Another woman using my time

Who was it that shared our bed last night

Baby it’s time to leave

On the broken wings of an angel

My heart is broke, as tears are falling, On God! The only on I can lean…

I call upon him, to repair the broken wing

Of my fallen angel, You! My African king

Through out our time, I’ve been true to you

Ashamed and disappointed am I

You’ve broken the sanctuary of our circle

You’ve broken our sacred vows

On the broken wings of an angel

I am hanging by a thread

On the broken wings of an angel

Our unity is numbered in days

But life goes on, baby I am strong

There isn’t anything I can’t handle

I can build, repair, achieve, and reveal

So who need to hang on to the broken wings of an angel?

It doesn’t mater, who she is or was

Because emptiness has filled my heart that was filled with love

I could have held on to you

Yes! I could have said let’s make it work

But when you called out her name, it wasn’t the same

You said that you loved her! That cut deep, baby it HURT!!!

Their pain hurting so deep

With liquid tears heated by the sun

Now our children has to suffer

For the things that you have done

Baby you had more than me, but man

Riding on your wings

Your children, their future

Your women, among other things.

There is so much that I could say

For baby, I too have wings

I am my own angel

For my children with perfect wings.

So who was it, that shared our bed last night

It doesn’t matter, I don’t care anymore, I don’t need to know

Because I am the stronger person

I have always and still run this show.

Written By: Ebony Blessings

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geministar's picture

Very real and descriptive.....Material such as this says a lot about relationships these days. Keep the pen sharp and elevate.

Much respect.

Dewey Davis's picture

Another powerful and honest poem from Ebony Blessings. You said all the things he needed to hear. You revealed a lot of strength and vulnerability at the same time, and that's hard to do. I really do admire your talent and your character, revealed in this and several others I've read. Thank you for bringing light to me.

mssexyred's picture

Sis you did this one.. Why I never saw this one? This one I love so much.. I was about to cry it really makes you think at times.. You in the bed with me... Who is the other woman that you are thinking about.

Keep up the good work sis..