In a twinkle of an eye, life will pass you by.

You'll never even notice, that you've been living a lie.

It's the little things you've done, that really did matter.

Always going unnoticed, it was the start of something better.

Jesus is a way maker, out of no way at all.

All you have to do is believe, it's your move, it's your call.

Don't look no further than your own back yard.

Jesus is the one and only, the only true GOD.

Have faith in him and what he'll do.

Only Jesus can fix it, for me and you.

When you're feeling low, and every thing keeps you down.

Just stand firm with Jesus, he's your solid ground.

When you take one step backward, Jesus will push you two steps ahead.

So how can you not believe, In what the Lord has gave.

It was Jesus upon that cross, He gave his life for all.

For all humanity, from the largest to the small.

Believe in Jesus my brothers, through misery and strife.

Trouble won't last always, only everlasting life.

So don't grieve for our loved ones, who's gone to their Glory.

This is not an ending, only a continuous of Gods Holy Story.

You'll be well missed, yet always loved.

Written By:

Ebony Blessings


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my Nanny: Ms. Glenda Hester / I'll always love you!

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Shanita Johnson's picture

This was a very enlightening piece. beautifully written.