I Once Knew


To exude confidence, he cries sarcasm.

Witty remarks, he is so quick.

As I, quick to reply to what I took for loneliness.

Drawn in from his eyes I once knew.

He feels confident in his ways of nature, place of mind.

I, confident I could read his lips, as he whispered softly,

Once sweetly muttered....

Broken sentences, which I pieced together.

I took for granted and felt too fast.

I filtered your words to suit my life.

Accented my confidence, with unbroken thoughts.

I felt nothing but what I felt.

Only to be taken down by your confidence.

And it’s too much for you, and all of your amends.

Now you cry weary at me, and my despondence.

Yet I remain generic and never what you need.

You were so quick to disregard my feelings.

Your claim: I never knew you.

I was mistaken, taken in.

Drawn in from the eyes I once knew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March 20th, 2005. I'll never forget.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

hope you mean it as you did in this sweet and rich poem with deep and impressive idea.. like this poem very much... really you are soooo good and reat poetess... pray for your long life with happy smiles... best of luck...