Ice Cube

Hate is like an ice cube, cold and sharp.

It fills the half glass full of optimizm, with dark clearity.

Clearity that hate thickens our planet,

and contiunes to grow as the ice cube melts.

Hate can start out so cold, and so small,

like an ice cube, but spread and rise as the ice cube melts.

It is time to fill a glass with love.

Love so warm, that an ice cube would simply evaporate into thin air.

It is time hate be only a name,

and no longer exsist.

It is time our cup runneth over with love.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

very new idea... well freind... this is good subject.. like it very much.. believe me its very inspiring and make me think if one day i could make this idea prolong in words