Last Prayer

I‘m having trouble

Trying to sleep

So many mistakes

Racked up in my brain

They’re all that’s left

To follow me to the grave

I close my eyes and pray

Hoping your not gone away

Please God hear my words

Take pity on my soul

I have nowhere left to go


And the pain begins to flow

Like the blood from my wrists

And I cry out in vain

There no one can hear me scream

It’s starting to get cold

And the lights begin to fade

I have lost my faith.

How could you leave me?

And pretend you didn’t hear

All I wanted was your love

But I guess that’s too much

I tried to find my place

There is no where left to go

I have wandered far too long

I just want the pain to be gone


So long we have looked

For a reason why

To believe in your grace

It’s been too long

I can’t see your face

Can’t you hear my screams?

I cry out in despair

Just to know if you’re there.


Now I’ll lay here

Waiting till you come

Seems the pain is gone

As I sleep in my own blood

Here I slowly drift away

Father I hope you wait.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what i am feeling i guess ive been told i need to see someone and i don't agree someone needs to comment on my poems though.

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God give you grace and lift your spirits He is inside
you and all around you