Movie Review: Paterson

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Thank You Jim Jarmusch for adding another brilliant film to my top-shelf collection (nestled between Dead Man and Ghost Dog;). Plus Thanks for casting Adam Driver in the lead role. With his quirky countenance and ability to fully inhabit his body as well as his character, I could watch him walk the streets of Paterson, New Jersey all day.
So with him we go along for the ride through a week in the life of this quiet, reserved bus driver poet (featuring the words of Ron Padgett) who shares the name of the city in which he lives and works, a carousel backdrop of weathered brick. The gentle ebullience of his wife Laura (an exquisite Golshifteh Farahani) is the perfect foil to her husband's reticence. Her love of all things black & white (ooooo that Harlequin guitar - inveja!) blithely mimics the contrast in their natures. Theirs is the most sublime depiction of a marital couple I've ever seen, either on-screen or off. Also a superb performance by Nellie the dog (well-played pup - RIP).
Spellbinding in its simplicity, highlighting the contemplative beauty of repetition, this film is a cinematic treasure for poets everywhere.


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