Strength Of Light

We must leave this heaven

Our patients justified

I feel no pain now

I've already died

You had left

Long ago

Lying broken now

I followed though

I have drifted

far from home

In the dark

I fear the unknown

Will we fall victim

To this personal tragedy

We must bite the hand

To set our spirits free



I don't know where to turn


To the point of no return


Life is so confusing

But this is another

In His name I'm presuming


Tides have risen a thousand times

And fallen again on Earth

Clouds have passed


Why must I continue to fight
When it's so easy to fail

I won't die to night

This unholy betrayal


Life is so confusing

But this is another

In it's name I'm consuming



Darkness now swallows me


All the light faded from me


For I've already died


I no longer sit at His right side



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The story tells of one particular angel who slowly loses his/her will to fight for God, and slowly drifts towards Satan's temptation.

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